Our Company


Comptek Structural Composites, Inc. was founded in 1998 and offers innovative solutions to engineers and contractors focused on maintaining our nation’s infrastructure. The company develops and manufactures state-of-the-art composite reinforcements and structural systems for improving the structural integrity of buildings, bridges and pipelines for the public sector and private oil and gas industry. Our structural composite wraps have been installed at refineries in the United States, Mexico, South America and the Middle East for the major oil companies and their service companies.

Comptek Structural Composites in-house manufacturing capabilities result in the high-quality and proven products in three categories:

Polyurethane Wraps
Carbon Wraps
Epoxy Wraps
Structural Components

Highlights of our products include:

 Comptek formulates its own proprietary urethane resins used in our prepreg infusion process of structural fabrics.

• Our epoxy systems are custom formulated for Comptek to meet stringent performance requirements.

• All prepreg and field infused fabric systems are tested by accredited third party testing agencies to determine their mechanical properties.

• Comptek custom fabricates structural components using vacuum molding.

Comptek Structural Composites provides a full range of support services to ensure the successful use of each of our products. These services include:

Engineering Support
Technical Field Support
Inspection Support
Installation Support

Working with our organization provides each customer with access to a robust suite of composite related products and services that provide the flexibility to quickly deliver profitable and proven engineered solutions to the varying needs of each project.